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Appcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on open source scrypt-algorithm.

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Appcoin transactions are blazing fast and highly secured.

Apps & Games

Appcoin is a perfect payment method for digital purchases like applications & games.


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Appcoin Client Update! (20th/March)

New Appcoin Client is now available! It’s a minor update but still necessary for everyone to upload and replace their old clients with during the next couple of weeks!
[Updated protocol version to 80001 and added protocol version ban for versions lower than 80000 to stop the unsynced client connecting to a custom build on version 70002. Added checkpoint and hardened checkpoint.]
On Wed, April 2nd 2014, 00:00:00 GMT
 all clients running version 70002 or less will be kicked from the network (no connection, requires updating).

- Download the new Appcoin Client from the links above
- Go to the appcoin-folder within the roaming-folder (%appdata%)
- Backup the whole appcoin-folder and save it somewhere safe
- Remove all other files from the appcoin-folder EXCEPT wallet.dat & appcoin.conf (DON’T DELETE wallet.dat -file!!)
- Start up the new Appcoin Client (0.8.3) and let the wallet sync with the network!
- It’s recommended to backup your wallet again to a separate direction after succesful synchronizing